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Burbage Meats is a third-generation butcher shop that began with W.A. Burbage Jr. and his wife in 1953. From the 1980's, W.A.'s son, Marion Burbage operated it until 2017. Over the past 70 years, it has evolved. Originally, Burbage Meats was a wholesale slaughterhouse and meat-packing facility, but it has become so much more.

When sisters Melissa Burbage and Felecia Burbage-Hodges, the granddaughters of W.A Burbage Jr., set out to reinvent it, they wanted to do something amazing for the Charleston community. They think you'll love the new location of Burbage Meats Butchery + Provisions.

30 Years of Experience
SC certified
A+ Cleaning & Sanitizing

Innovation at its best

The sisters are innovators - not just because they are the only female-owned butcher shop in the Charleston area, but because they saw a need to preserve the past while creating anew. All of the products sold at Burbage Meats are handpicked for quality, uniqueness, and - well, because they are just plain amazing.

The Burbage family believes in the sanctity of animals, so they let very little go to waste. The concept of nose to tail products means that you get more selection than just the cuts that you find at the local grocery store. There is so much flavor to be found using things that are normally discarded.

Keeping It Local!

From one-of-a-kind local artisan goods to locally-sourced proteins, everything that passes through the door has to be spectacular to make the cut. The Burbage family believes in keeping it local, so they showcase all the great traditions of the Lowcountry combined with the freshest meats possible. From Liver Pudding to Hog-Head Cheese, they aim to keep Southern traditions alive and well in the Charleston area.

It Isn’t Shopping… It is an entire experience

Shopping isn’t just shopping at Burbage Meats; it is an entire experience. They stock their shelves with the very best local artisan goods and recipes around.

It is a close tie whether people come back because there is always something unique to find, or because they can’t live without our Southern staple favorites. But one thing is for sure: go once and you’ll be hooked!